Cavernous smile day in, day out
Chuckles stretch on, the eyes stray off
Pride in all purpose, master of all traits
Present yet never there


They can’t help but pier in
At the life that shines so bright
Envy? Perchance. Captivated? More likely.
Most see the name, few know the center


Hushed voices share stories
Loud voices in unfamiliar tongues
Different halves of one face refusing to stitch together
All stuck behind concrete walls


Round and round an imperfect circle
With each rotation, another head rush
It builds stronger all the while cutting deeper
A type of gravity. Just not the safe kind.


Spinning. Shouting. Total numbing.
All too familiar as scenes roll on
Aiding hands stretch out in vain
unaware of the pull, oblivious




Weight on two feet, a heavy step
Cavernous smile turned cruel complexion
Knives dig as the cycle breaks
Deeper as the walk continues


A paranoid glimpse backward
Confirms painful realities in yellow and red
The circle unchanging, unmoving
Power from outside it’s grasp, eyes turn forward


Vision crisp with wool stripped away
Stinging truths told in salted whispers
A return to the noiseless wood
this time for assurance


Free from rotation, untouchable
Clarity appears in silence
Painful breaths, but free ones none the less