Yours Truly

Why. Why. Why.

Through this blog, I hope to offer different choices, perspectives, and thoughts. There are so many ways to express yourself, sometimes readers (myself included) just need a friendly reminder of the options to choose from.

Basically… I’m just a self proclaimed “trendy” human who started a blog. How… predictable. Do I even stand a chance at creating a lasting opinion about the necessity of increasing self expression? Honest answer: No. Not without people like you 🙂 Help create dialogue by offering your own twists on travel stories, lifestyle opinions, even wardrobe choices. Whether it’s sharing my content or creating your own somewhere else, offer an authentic outlook to the world … we’ll thank you for it someday.

Stay fly my friends.


About Alexis…


Hey. Just a quick blurb about me…I was raised along side a little sister and two younger cousins, in Great Falls, VA. I keep myself busy with a list of things… dancing, painting, speed eating, the works.

Following my years in the glorious world of public high school, I enrolled at the University of Virginia where I studied Business Marketing and Management in the McIntire School of Commerce. I now work as a People Business Partner for Anheuser Busch (yes the beer company) and get to travel around the country consulting different departments. Pretty nifty stuff.

I’m a thrift shop/goodwill fanatic. I love sloths. And I currently reside in St. Louis, Denver, NY, Virginia, etc… depends on which month you’re reading this 😉

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