Day Trippin’ for the Poor

A better view from the ground

What do you get when you cross an internship in the fashion industry, a temporary apartment in East Village and open weekends in New York City? Cobwebs in your wallet.

Naturally, broke college interns find themselves clinging to all things cheap (better yet, all things free.) Central Park, Madison Square Park, Bryant Park… any square patch of green shrubbery? Go wild kid, that sh!t is YOURS. But if you’re in the mood to spend nothing and look at something other than blades of grass and couples taking nature selfies, the High Line is a swell alternative.

I’m no travel guide. This place isn’t anything new. Hell, if you’ve spent more than a week in Manhattan in the past decade (and don’t live under a rock) chances are you’ve heard of the High Line. For those of you now feeling like idiots, the High Line is a 1.45-mile-long linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused NYC Railroad spur called the West Side Line… thanks wiki.

Instead of listing facts about this budget-friendly excursion, here are some things I recommend doing to make the walk more… interesting.

~A High Line Checklist for the Broke and Bothersome~

  1. Head up the stairs backwards. Loudly proclaim that it’s supposed to bring good luck and continue until at least 3 people join in.
  2. Lay spread eagle in the middle of the walkway, stay until you’re told to move.
  3. Ask the lady at the organic popsicle stand for a disgusting made-up flavor. Swear they offered it yesterday.
  4. Locate the fountain man. You’ll know when you see him. Stare deeply into his eyes and hold his skull to make other people in line feel SUPER comfortable.
  5. Cling to a bench for a while. Shout to a friend that the ground is moving too fast, enjoy the gazes.
  6. Convince at least one helpless tourist that you’re actually the artist of all the graffiti art visible from the path. Get them to take a picture of you.
  7. Search through the grassy sidelines until you find the hidden plaque commemorating the men and women displaced during the construction of the park.
  8. Trick a group of children into searching for said plaque that I just made up.
  9. Set up a street music performance along the walkway with instruments you’ve never played.
  10. Bring your bike … everyone will love that.
The Kiss by Alexis Unwalla (or Eduardo Kobra)
The Kiss by Alexis Unwalla (or Eduardo Kobra)
Eggplant & goat cheese (Left), Mustard & egg yolk (Right)
Eggplant & goat cheese (Left), Mustard & egg yolk (Right)
Some funky humans I know
Some funky humans I know