Finding Funny

When people put up pictures of themselves laughing on Facebook, Instagram, the works… do you sort of want to punch them? In the face? Well there’s an obvious reason why.

Like c'mon...
Like c’mon…

A (ficticious) study shows that 99.86% of the time these photos are fake. Friends hold hands and pretend to tell jokes. Bloggers post pictures of side splitting giggles to round up digital admiration. The worst part? I’m definitely not above the “fake laugh for the pic” movement.

There are, however, moments captured that need no faking or forging. It’s a rare and oddly comforting feeling to gaze upon a still image of someone in a state of pure bliss. A picture of laughter is, in the simplest definition, a snapshot of no worries, no concern, and no reservations. We seek out images that display this state of untroubled living… but for what? To showcase to others that we have the luxury of being happy? To prove to ourselves that not every moment is one consumed by a daily to-do list? I really don’t have the answer for you. Regardless of the reason behind our need to show personal happiness, the pictures happen… and the “laughs whimsically” look isn’t leaving your newsfeed anytime soon. My one suggestion is to focus your attention on the authentic shots.

What’s the story behind that expression? Better yet, who? If you collect all your recent photos capturing genuine amusement, I can almost guarantee you’ll find a trend… and it will lead you to someone. Someone who, without fail, brings out your carefree feelings… your laughter. And who says it has to be one person? Use those photos to help surround yourself with people who don’t take life too seriously. Talking about the same mundane topics every day is boring. Take advantage of your pics, grab a hold of those truly entertaining people, and enjoy a happier livelihood. Who has time for artificial hilarity when the real thing is infinitely better?

In the presence of Simone, my single best source of love & amusement