Teach Me How To Normal

My title is lying to you. I tried to stop it but he wouldn’t listen.

This post will in no way… shape… or form… be dishing out the elusive secret to attaining normalcy. Tricking people into thinking I’m a functional human is the last thing I could pull off. But please, don’t hate me just yet. I’ve only crafted one little scribble for you thus far! Lies can be fun sometimes.

Clay Aiken
This is a cupcake.

I lied. This is Clay Aiken, a glimmer of magical love in our otherwise dark and dismal world. See? Not so bad. He’s also running for Congress. No further comment.

I thought it quite fitting to address the lovely topic of nixing normal in this early post… seeing that the general purpose of this site is shedding light on our quirks and individualism. ~*pulls at heart strings*~ If, in fact, you are looking for a way to mask the crazy, I’m sorry to be the person to tell you this… but you suck. No, no don’t leave. I was kidding. What I meant to say was I think you’ve come to the wrong place. Let me explain.

This hip creature is me.


Yes, I am wailing in front of other unknown humans. And yes, I am not wearing feet houses (shoes). Expressing my mood freely and profoundly is something I own up to. It’s a trait I am fairly certain I share with many of you… so time to ponder: does my public limb flailing make me abnormal?

The amount of facial emotion a person shares can often help us distinguish between the “joe schmos” of the world and those friends who are “always a little too animated”. However, choosing how much you display to the public can be a much trickier process. I personally believe the root of understanding differing levels of oddity starts with something constantly forgotten: embarrassing, inopportune, crappy things happen to just about everyone. Everyone except, NO. IT HAPPENS TO ALL OF YOU. Deal with it… it’s a fact. Science. What separates us is how we inherently choose to express ourselves during events at hand. Basically I’m saying life responses dictate it all. I am clumsy, an atrocious speller, and many other things you’ll learn with time, my invisible friends. Who cares? We all have a list of qualities and opinions that make us… well, us. What matters is how we interact with them; how we tend to act after sh!t happens. However, determining a “common” habit or a “standard” behavior is something we cannot do by ourselves. Oddly enough, our place on the normal-scale is frequently decided in the minds of others. Our differing degrees of peculiarity stem from how we choose to react to such traits, and how our peers independently observe us… BOOM. You’ve got a customized sprinkling of abnormality. This post just got theoretical on you. Hit ya right in the smarts.

Fudge. I guess some of you will claim I actually did help readers understand how to potentially mask their quirks. “Moooom! The internet told me I should try and shield my emotions to get everyone to like me”. Hmm, but did I? Some of us like our people bland. Others prefer the spicy, eye-watering zesty type. This is not cannibalism. It’s opportunism. We have the freedom to choose where our “normal taste palate” starts and where it ends. All I can say is… does anyone ever really like the picky eater?

I truly recommend opening yourself up to as many “folk flavors” as possible; life gets boring if you don’t. And hey, that shoe-less yelper you pegged as too odd? She may be just as comfortable sharing thoughts on human interaction with a smirk on her face. Who knows…It’s all a matter of perspective.

Taken about 30 seconds later… probably after hearing that we were finally going to lunch. Oh the joy.