Summer Abroad My Foot

Tipsy Towers by Alexis Unwalla (Oil on Canvas)

It’s July. Which means I’ve now suffered through TWO months of social media posts and gorgeous pictures of friends traveling the globe. As I continue to better understand the real world of cubicle life this summer… I can’t help but think about these lucky travelers every so often. Pathetic, I know. But it is the lonely times at my office when I find myself wishing I was exploring the corners of Lyon, trekking across the Great Wall, or simply stuffing my face with West Coast In-N-Out Burger. Summer abroad for Alexis? Ya, no.

SO… as I slave away perfecting my skills as a working human, I hope you enjoy my makeshift destination postcard. Some background? When you see 20 billion Facebook pictures of the Eiffel Tower and you dream crazy sh!t like I do… this is what you get on canvas.